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Earlier this week, QB Robert Griffin III turned down an invite from the Indianapolis Colts to work out privately for them at their facility. There was a lot of speculation as to his reason, but the bottom line coming out of Griffin’s camp is that he won’t work out privately for any team before the draft. Considering that there is extensive film on the Heisman trophy winner from his college years, as well as his recent performances at the NFL Combine and his college Pro Day, do you think he still should have accepted the Colts’ invitation?

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  3. jojolavender answered: Absolutely not!
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  5. passion4pics answered: No, he should not have to work out anymore
  6. humbleguitarist89 said: I may be wrong but I think he as already chosen what team he want’s to play for. Most likely it is my Redskins lol.
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