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The Washington Redskins have invested heavily in the future of the franchise with their pick of Robert Griffin III as quarterback. For that investment to pay off, Griffin must have adequate protection from the offensive line. In 2011, injuries to key starters exposed a lack of depth on the OL and often left QBs Rex Grossman and John Beck scrambling for dear life. Right now, the health of RT Jammal Brown (hip) and LG Kory Lichtensteiger (knee) is uncertain, but I will pencil them in as starters. Look for the Skins to do some rotating around, most likely at the guard and center positions. Also look for rookie Josh LeRibreus to take some snaps at center, a position he played exclusively at rookies’ minicamp last month.


Left Tackle – Trent Williams -Height: 6-5   Weight: 318   Age: 23

Left Guard – Kory Lichtensteiger -Height: 6-2   Weight: 292   Age: 27

Center – Will Montgomery -Height: 6-3   Weight: 310   Age: 29

Right Guard – Chris Chester -Height: 6-3   Weight: 315   Age: 29 

Right Tackle – Jammal Brown -Height: 6-6   Weight: 313   Age: 31


Willie Smith -Height: 6-5   Weight: 310   Age: 25

Tyler Polumbus -Height: 6-8   Weight: 300   Age: 27

Maurice Hurt -Height: 6-3   Weight: 320   Age: 24

James Lee -Height: 6-4   Weight: 305   Age: 26

Nevin McCaskill -Height: 6-3   Weight: 309   Age: 28

—New Crop

Josh LeRibeus -Height: 6-3   Weight: 312   Age: 22

Adam Gettis -Height: 6-2   Weight: 293   Age: 23

Tom Compton -Height: 6-6   Weight: 314   Age: 23

Nick Martinez -Height: 6-4   Weight: 310   Age: 23

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